Mewpot Guide ①

2022/09/19 04:16
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2023/09/04 04:30
Mewpot Guide ①
For those of you who are NEW to Mewpot!
Mewpot is all about the DETAILS!
Shall we go check out the impressive details on the Mewpat website?
The waveforms aren’t there for no reason!
Revealing the Method of Sound Waveforms in 100%!
▲You can check the unique waveforms of each song!
We've made it easy to see which part of the background music is the highlight, and whether the tone is rising or falling, through the sound waveforms.
Good for These People!
For those, the deadline for submitting the video is approaching, but they are extremely frustrated because there is not enough time to edit the videos!!
For those that want to use the highlights of the songs!
For those who wish to use only the front or the back of the song!
For those who want to insert music that perfectly matches the length of the video one has created!
Press play on the song you want to download right now and click on the waveform
How comfy it is to play and stop with the spacebar!!!!
Tip) Only making simple cuts and edits to Mewpot’s background music does not violate the copyright laws.
We can assist you in selecting the sound effects with intuitive titles!
M.E.W.P.O.T, finding the right sound effects that you are looking for!
▲ Sound Effects when searched “Hitting”
Mewpot’s sound effects’ names are very intuitive.
Lots of Mewpoters love this.
Just searching with “Hitting Sound” or “Hitting”, we can give you related sound effects that are easy to find.
Shortcut keys that you can use!
Let’s use less energy!
You can listen to everything just by leaning back in your chair and using only the up and down arrow keys without having to click on each one while listening to the sounds!
Who can follow Mewpat's thoughtful consideration!
Mewpot's team is always considering how to make it more convenient for Mewpat users and eliminate any inconvenience, putting themselves in the shoes of our users!
If you encounter any inconveniences that our team may not have thought of, please do not hesitate to share them with our customer support team, located at the bottom right of the website!!
Thank you!