Mewpot Guide ②

Mewpot Guide ②
For those of you who are NEW to Mewpot!
We will help you boost your speed in video editing with our Sound Effect Search engine!
Convenient tag search feature
We have tagged each sound effect with a variety of words as much as possible
(사진은 추후에 단어 수정 후)
▲ The window where only notification sound effects are searched when searched for 'notification’.
If you want to search for alarm sounds, just search for ‘alarm’!
(사진은 추후에 단어 수정 후)
▲ Details of "Ding! Notification Sound”
If you check [Details] of the sound effects, you can find the specifics.
We are diligently adding relevant tags to each sound effect, carefully considered by our music production team, to ensure the utmost convenience for our users.
The more you detail the search, the more precise the results will be! ❁´▽`❁
After listening, with the icons on the right, you can play, like, and download.
Auto fill-in
Suggest when you are not pretty sure of what to find.
I have the sound that I want but don’t know how to search for it.
This is when you need the help of the Auto Fill-In system.
As shown in the picture above, when you enter your desired keyword, related words will automatically appear as suggestions, making it easier for you to search!!
To all the content creators working tirelessly on their content today! Mewpot believes that your efforts will lead to wide recognition and applause from many people. Mewpot supports you!
Thank you!