Do you see 'copyright' in YouTube's restrictions?

2022/09/19 04:16
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2023/09/04 04:30
Do you see 'copyright' in YouTube's restrictions?
Thank you for using our service.
When you were trying to upload a video to YouTube, but during the review stage, you saw the term 'copyright' or the phrase 'not eligible for monetization,' which likely left you feeling very confused and surprised.
But Don’t Worry!
If the Mail you have received regarding the copyright claim says claimed by: [Merlin] Fluxus Music or has the name Mewpot’s ooo, does not have any effect on your channel, does not have any copyright problems, and does not have a problem with monetization!
(See the picture below)
Recently, there have been cases where a third party has improperly registered music in the YouTube Content ID copyright system for music that was uploaded to Mewpot. To ensure the safety of the music you use, we have registered Content ID for all the background music we provide :)
Even if you receive the above email through CONTENT ID, your channel will not experience any disadvantages.
! Your channel will not be suspended or terminated.
It will not have a negative impact on YouTube's algorithm.
The email you received is not related to copyright infringement but is instead an automated message from YouTube.
It is sent to confirm the temporary copyright restrictions on the music you've used, and it is generated by YouTube's Content ID system after checking for matches.
If you're concerned about potential difficulties in revenue generation due to copyright restrictions even within a short timeframe, it's recommended that you initially set your uploaded videos to private mode. Then, once the restrictions have been confirmed as no longer an issue, you can proceed to make the videos public.
However, if the issue is not resolved within a maximum of 10 minutes, please proceed with the following steps below.
① In most cases, you can get a cancellation email within 10 minutes after the upload.
② If you haven't received the cancellation email after 10 minutes due to an internal YouTube system error, please proceed with the appeal process, and kindly inform the Mewpot customer support team about the status of your appeal. From the moment you file the appeal, revenue for the video will be put on hold, and once the restriction is resolved, you will be able to receive the earnings that were held during the appeal process.
③ Any inquiries received by the MewTube customer support center will be processed manually, and we will do our best to ensure a swift resolution.
In addition to the above information, if customers would like to provide detailed inquiries, you can do so by visiting our website (https://www.mewpot/com) and filing an inquiry to our customer support center.
We promise to provide content that ensures safe licensing and copyright compliance.
Thank you.